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The city green street lighting is the modern development trend

Publish time: 2015-09-23 16:39:41    View: 2617
Green lighting is conducive to the city"s environmental protection. In the early 90 century city promoting energy conservation, protect environment. Selection of light source and lighting energy efficient is the core of environmental protection. Green lighting and electrical equipment and technology. Not only to meet the energy requirements, but also to meet does not harm to human health, does not affect the ecological environment, don"t waste energy requirements, establish high quality, affordable, safe and reliable, good for the environment and improving people"s quality of life, improve work efficiency, lighting environment protection city people"s health.

The city of green lighting, lighting engineering design should be paid more attention, because it is an important factor to establish scheme for global. Design should follow the road lighting design standards of the state, the correct selection of light source, lamps and lanterns, reasonable allocation of light distance, to ensure that the lighting quality and lighting control and distribution lines, improper design could not very good to the implementation of green lighting requirements, but also must have the maintenance tube Rizos scientific and reasonable, in order to achieve the city street lighting.

The city is developing, science is making progress. In recent years, a series of efficient energy-saving green lighting devices come out ceaselessly, be abolished incandescent lamp in road lighting. Only if we can have a highly responsible to the people, to the development of the city spirit, green is completely possible to realize the city street lighting, the best lighting engineering, establish a scientific, environmental protection, harmonious street lamp lighting system.

To sum up, with the city lighting equipment continuous reform and innovation, the development of technical standards is feasible and easy to operate, should vigorously promote the new concept of green lighting in the entire society, the street green lighting, will enrich people"s night life city vitality, pulling the city consumption, prosperity of city night economy. To promote the city towards internationalization, modernization. To make the lamp employee contributions to practice scientific outlook on development.