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Light plant used for street lighting

Publish time: 2015-09-23 16:40:21    View: 2923
Light plant appears inspired by the movie "Afanda", scientists have studied a "sustainable emitting plants" business development projects, caused many corporate sponsors of interest.

It is reported, in particular the project is led by bio technology, make the plant continue to shine. The technology R & D team said, the objective of the study is: as street lights lighting with sustainable light plant in the future, even the light small bonsai as a lamp to read. Sounds cool, let"s try to understand the light plant is how to achieve.

This creative experimental team composed of synthetic biologists and botanists at Stanford University in California. Scientists are introduced, they are currently the luciferase gene into a plant called Arabidopsis, which generally exists in the firefly luciferase and some glowing fungi. "Inspiration from the firefly, our team members are Dr. Standford be trained with regularity, we in the existing methods of biological laboratory use to create light plant real." The research team said on its website.

Researchers call this luciferase gene into certain fungi, the fungal gene can be embedded itself to other plants. In the cultivation of good luminous fungi, the fungi and Arabidopsis seeds together into a culture medium for fungi, its gene into Arabidopsis seeds, gene structure change and continuous observation of this plant.

At present, researchers will have to light the Arabidopsis seeds come out, and have been compiled. The gene sequence, then scientists will be the "print" of the gene sequence, and eventually transferred to other plants. "My forecast is, the project will have a visible light plant in a dark room." Project Manager Anthony Evans said.

Genetics professor George of Harvard Medical School was one of the project sponsor, he thinks the biological technology will bring more inspiration for "lighting". "Biology is very energy-efficient, plants don"t need extra energy consumption, easy processing, itself is environmental protection, light battery pack more densely than. Even weak light flowers will be a great logo." Professor George says.

The team next hopes that rose light, which can make this technology more commercial value, and the application of this technology to other businesses, such as planting, flower gardening. Reported that, if the technology from corporate sponsors, will have great market potential for development. But the risk of the technology it is not possible to assess, probably cultivated plants will appear the situation of insufficient light, and scientists worry that contain the genes of the plant will be biological variation.

In fact, "the animal and plant light" the issue in the scientific community is not fresh, the key is how to reject this technique is more practical and convenient to the commercial promotion. In 2008, scientists from the University of California created a luminescent luciferase tobacco plants; and in 2010 by researchers at the University of Cambridge have let the bacterial luminescence.