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The city will displace LED Liverpool followed the trend of energy-saving lamps

Publish time: 2015-09-23 16:42:52    View: 2850
Recently, the UK is now more than 3700 of the more than street lamps to replace the new LED energy-saving lamps, this initiative will reduce the burden of $5000000 per year.

The Liverpool Committee followed the trend of the West Sydney Regional Commission to launch the lamp. At present, the Commission has begun to 23 of Liverpool"s suburbs, the low efficiency of the street lamps for LED energy-saving lamps.

Liverpool"s mayor, Mannoun Ned, said the cost of the province could be used for other projects in the city. He said: "we are spending millions of dollars every year on electricity, and the LED can not only reduce the cost of electricity, but also can reduce the cost of street lamps. In addition, the new LED street lamp is brighter than before, the service life can reach 10-15 years."

"This is a win-win choice, we have to save money for the taxpayer, but also get a good environmental benefits," he added."

The $7800000 LED energy saving lamp displacement program is funded by the federal government, is expected to be completed in May 2016.